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Nantes (Naoned in britain dialect and Nàntt in gallo-romain dialect of Brittany) is the administrative capital of the french region Pays de la Loire. Sixth city of France in population, it is situated in the South-Est of the historical Brittany. Nantes is an active city, culturaly and economicaly.

History of Nantes

The historian Polybe wrote in 147 b-C about the existence of a port on the Loire river, called "Corbilo", although its exact position remains unknown.

Celtic people would arrived there between the Vth and the first century bC. Towards - 70, the Namneti, Gaulish people, occupied the region of Nantes . In - 56, Cesar invaded the Gaule: the Gaulish city Namnètes became the Roman "Portus Namnetus".

The city is Christianised during the IIIth century. In 490, the city, defended by Britain troops resists to the attacks of the Franks. The Germanic Barbarians were obligated to deal with Britains.

The city and the country are yielded from the franks to the Britain in 851.
In the conflict with the house of Rennes, the house of Nantes acquired the leadership with the adhesion of Hoël of Cornouaille, count of Nantes, to the duchy throne in 1066, then the duchy of Brittany often remained to Nantes. Carl VIII enters in the city in 1491 and connected it to the Kingdom of France, like all Brittany in 1532.


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