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The site of Annecy is inhabited since prehistory, occupied by Celts then by Romans under the name of Boutae.
It became the Genevese capital in the XIIIth century instead of Geneva where the Reform of the church conquered the territory in the XVIIth.
Then Annecy became an important city of opposition against the Reform with the famous François de Sales, bishop of Geneva in 1602 and founder of the order of the Visitation in 1610.

Old town of Annecy

The two rivers supplied by the lake cross the old city and gave it its nickname of "Venice of Savoy".
In the middle of the Thiou river, the Palate of the island was built in the XIIth century as a residence for the count of Geneva.

Annecy lake

Many sights and panoramas strew the turn of this pretty lake which can be discovered by excursions, by car, bicycle or by boat.


Around Annecy

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