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Abbey of Hautecombe

hautecombeabbey of hautecombe

abbazia di Hautecombeabbazia di Hautecombeabbazia di Hautecombeabbazia di Hautecombeabbazia di Hautecombeabbazia di Hautecombeabbazia di Hautecombeabbazia di Hautecombe

abbey of hautecombe

Abbey of Hautecombe

abbey hautecombeIn a very beautiful and relaxing natural place, mixing the blue of the lake and the green of the woods, the royal abbey of Hautecombe is a good place for meditation.

It is the last residence of many sovereigns from the house of Savoy, as the last King of Italy Umberto II.

The origin of the place goes back to the XIIth century, when Benedictine monks came in a small valley called Haute-Combe in the Cessens mountain.
In 1137, Cistercians monks came, they move on the edges of the lake with the help of the family of Savoy. The sovereigns of this dynasty were buried there until the XVIth century when they chose Turin which had a better position in the Duchy, far from the border with the Kingdom of France.
Forgotten, then definitively abandoned during the revolution where it was ransacked, the king of Sardinia Charles Felix undertook its restoration which lasted from 1824 to 1843. The monks joined the abbey in 1826 and the sovereigns of the Savoyard dynasty decided to bury here again.

In 1983, Umberto II, last king of Italy and soon of the dukes of Savoy buried him here.
In 1992 the Cistercians left the abbey for the Ganagobie abbey.
Since, it is the community of the Chemin Neuf (New Way) who occupies the place.

pietą - abbey hautecombeThe church is rich in decorations, there were remade by Piedmont artists of the XIXth in a Gothic style. In addition to the murals, it shelters many sculptures, among its Carrara marble statues like the Pietà realized by Cacciatori.

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Around the abbey

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