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Aix les Bains


aix les bainsaix les bainsaix les bainsaix les bainsaix les bainslago del bourgetlac du bourget


aix les bains

Aix les bains

Around the IIIth century BC, some Celtic tribes – the Allobroges – came in the area and benefited yet of the sulphated and calcic water. In the Ist BC, the Romans founded Aquasense and created the first thermal therapeutics baths. The first thermal spa was developed in Aix les Bains during the XIXth century.


aix les bains - arco di campanus - romana Roman Arch of Campanus and Roman vestiges of the thermal baths and the temple of Diane

aix les bains - casino Casino Grand Cercle

lago del bourget Lac du Bourget (lake of Bourget)



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