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bayeuxcathédrale de bayeux cathédrale de bayeux bayeux bayeux
cathédrale de bayeux : nefcathédrale de bayeux : nefbayeuxcathédrale de bayeuxcathédrale de bayeuxbayeux vitraux de bayeux

cathedral of bayeux Cathedral of Bayeux


Bayeux was an important Gallic city then Roman. It was successively occupied by the Saxon ones, the Breton ones and the Norman ones.

The Viking Rollon married the girl of the governor of the city, the count Béranger. This union generated the ducal Norman dynasty with the birth into 905 of Guillaume Long-Sword.

Le serment de Bayeux

The oath of Bayeux King Edouard the Confessor reigned on England. This last spent a few years in Normandy and because he didn't have child, he choose his cousin Guillaume of Normandy as successor.
He sent in Normandy the leader of the Saxon nobility, Harold to officially recognize the rights of the duke Guillaume to the crown. But, Harold failed in Picardy where it was made prisoner. The duke of Normandy delivered it and after a stay in company of the duke, he promised on the relics. Edouard died on January 5th of 1066 and ridiculing his oath, Harold took the throne of England.
Guillaume launched the conquest of England. He embarked on September 27, occupied Hastings then attacked on October 14th. The Norman ones were victorious and Harold was killed in the battle by an arrow in the eye. This military campaign of the duke of Normandy gave him its nickname William the Conqueror. It is the story which is embroidered on the tapestry of the Queen Mathilde.


tapestry of bayeux Tapestry of Bayeux

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bayeuxbayeuxbayeux vitrauxcrypte cathédrale de bayeux


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