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Le Mans old town

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le mansle mansle mansle mansle mans
le mans

le mans

Le Mans

The ancient Gallo-Roman Vundunum obtained ramparts in the 4th century, time when Saint-Julien evangelised the region.
The county of Maine was owned by the Plantagenets family. Geoffroy Plantagenêts, duke of Anjou, inherited the county of Maine and Normandy by marrying with the little daughter of William the Conqueror, Mathilde.
Her son Henri, king of England, was dislodged from Le Mans by Richard Lion-heart, his son. The king of France Philippe Auguste conquered the field against Jean sans Terre, giving it to the queen Bérangère, wife of Richard Lion-heart. The city remained under English domination during the one century war between France and England until 1448.



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Le Mans old town

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